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You Win Even If You Lose.

No matter at what level you lose. With us every contestent wins something.

We believe, everyone that participates must be rewarded with something. Our primary goal is to see our contestents smiling all through the game. And so everyone that participates no matter if they give all the answers to the 10 questions or not, they gets a prize from us. So no matter you lose, it's still a Win!

Hear From Our Contestents.

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Abhinav Bhardwaj

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Sanjana Pandey


Wanna Take More Money Home And Feel Like LOOSING?
Use Upto 2 Lifelines In Every Game.

Refer a friend

Refer more and more friends via social media, messages and other platforms through our single-click process from within the app.

Earn Lifeline

Through every referral join, you earn a point. The more people you refer to the platform through your account, the more points you earn.

Redeem it

With every point you earned. You can redeem it to a lifeline in the game so you can continue to win even more cash and prizes.


Playing Is Like One-Two-Win!

We respect you and your privacy. And we will never compromise with it. You get exactly what you're displayed, nothing hidden. Mark our words! We're an open canvas, waiting for you to draw your dreams upon us.

Have You Got Questions? We've Answers.